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History of the National Association of Search and Rescue Coordinators (NASARC)

By Cole Brown, Maryland May 2010

The first meeting of the National Search and Rescue Council, an out growth from the National Association of Search and Rescue Coordinators (NASARC) took place in Boise, Idaho on April 19 and 20, 1974.  The National Association of Search and Rescue Coordinators (NASARC) was formed in 1970 at a meeting in Salt Lake, Utah and Hal Foss was the first President.

I dedicate the History Section of the Website for the State Search and Rescue Coordinators Council to Hal Foss. Hal’s wisdom and insight has led us to where we are today. I would also like to dedicate the History Section to Dennis Kelley for his dedication to the documentation of these events as they happened in Search and Rescue Magazines.
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            Hal Foss  (1970's)                                                               Dennis Kelley (1970's)
          Hal Foss in 1970's                                                              Dennis Kelly in 1973

(The below PDF files are between 5 to 8 mgs and will open in a separate window)

5th. Anuual Conference of the NASARC - Nov 30, Dec 1 - 2, 1973
Search and Rescue Magazine - Spring 1974 Pages 7-11 - by Dennis Kelley

3rd National SAR School Graduation Speech by Hal Foss - Feb 15, 1974
Search and Rescue Magazine - Summer 1974 Pages 12-17 - by Dennis Kelley

The Minutes of the First National SAR Council Meeting April 19-20, 1974
Search and Rescue Magazine - Summer 1974 Pages 8-11- by Dennis Kelley

A Tribute to & Remembering Hal Foss - August 6, 1922 to July 14, 1974 
Search and Rescue Magazine - Fall 1974 Pages 1-7- by Dennis Kelley

Inland  SAR 1975 and Speech by Blair Nilsson - January 15, 1975 
Search and Rescue Magazine - Spring 1975 Pages 27-31- by Dennis Kelley

The Role of the State SAR Coordinator by Paul Koenig
Search and Rescue Magazine - Winter 1974 Pages 18-19- by Dennis Kelley

The Agenda and Attendees for the 2001 State SAR Coordinators Meeting